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Torque wrench Procedure

2016-09-06 15:24:29 Haiyan Yida Fastener Co.,Ltd. Read

Use a torque wrench should not be overlooked, from the use of point of view of their operations are substantially the same, and its use in terms of the procedure can be divided into two main steps to adjust the torque and tightening bolts. Specifically to understand the following.

Torque: torque wrench torque adjustment is required to determine in accordance with its fastening objects, according to the size of the fastening torque will be subject to adjustment, and set fixed torque value. During this operation, it is necessary to note that the torque to adjust settings should be set to be complete after hearing reported hearing the sound, and the locking ring to keep the tiger's mouth close to his position after setting the torque, the specific the torque value can lock nut wrench appropriate places.

Fastening bolts: After setting the torque of the fastening bolts can begin to pay attention to when the attention during the tightening efforts. Wherein the intensity of the operation to moderate is appropriate, in order to avoid adverse effects and efficiency of the tightening force is too small, and impacts of corruption issues bolt intensity is too large may cause. And in the process of tightening the bolt, if you feel the torque is too loose, you can still stop the fastening operation, and then continued and completed the work of fastening bolts after adjusting and setting the torque.

Torque wrench main function is fastened, by operating these two steps can be done using the very edge of the corresponding work.